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Open letter to experts in High Functioning Autism
     A worth reading statement from the NT wife of a man with Aspergers syndrome. From           the text:  “The primary betrayal by a spouse on the autism spectrum is horrific. But the        secondary betrayal by an expert who is supposed to help, is worse.”

  64 Characteristics of Social Intelligence Deficits 
This article published by Indiana Resource Center for Autism can serve as        a check-list for NT spouses when consulting doctors, health care staff,              social workers, lawyers, bankers, school, workplace, family, friends,                  therapist.

      Comments on the article ’15 Tips for NT Spouses’ 

Does Asperger’s / ASD get worse with with age?

Issues for Partners of Asperger’s Syndrome Adults 

Individuals with Asperger’s Autism may deliberately fake it in diagnostic tests

Neurodevelopmental and psychosocial risk factors in mass murderers 
– A review from Gilbergcentrum tentatively indicates that these extreme forms of violence may be a result of a highly complex interaction of biological, psychological and sociological factors and that, potentially, a significant proportion of mass or serial killers may have had neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism spectrum disorder or head injury.

Have you been raised by a primary caregiver with Asperger’s Disorder?

-Invitation for participating in research

Child-rearing issues when a parent has autism /Aspergers Disorder
-Invitation for research study recruitment. Neurotypical spouses, former spouses, and adult children of parents formally diagnosed with AS/ASD are invited. Click here.

Detrimental Effects on Neurotypical Wives 
– Research published in Cambridge Journals. A Study of the impacts on neurotypical (NT) women living in relationship with an adult Asperger’s Syndrome partner. 

Children of a parent with Asperger’s Syndrome / Autism
-What can be the detrimental affects to a child if a parent has Autism Spectrum Disorder (including Asperger’s, High Functioning autism)?

 Mental and emotional abuse of children
– What is emotional abuse and neglect? How does it affect a child?

Couple Therapy and Asperger’s syndrome /Autism
 Why couple therapy is useless when the partner with AS-autism lives in denial of the problems his/her condition causes for the NT spouse and children

 Where can I find a therapist for NT spouses?
 – Neurotypical spouses and partners sharing their experiences regarding conselling and therapy for NT spouses

The burden on NT spouses and children, OTRS

 Why does my NT-AS marriage not work?
 -NT-ASD Relationships Table, 2016. A summary of the developmental deficits in individuals with ASD (autism spectrum   disorder) and the consequences for the life quality and health of their neurotypically (NT) developed spouses.

 Fifteen Survival tips for NT Spouses

 Help for NT Spouses whose Partner has AS Autism, SALVE
    – How can the spouses of Aspergers/high-functioning autistics achieve a relief? 

    Poem: How did it come about to be about You?
    About a AS husband’s ignorance and callous reaction to the news of one’s grief

    Adults with Asperger’s syndrome in Family Court
    Unique Considerations for Family Court Professionals

    Poem: Loneliness Is
     by Karen E. Rodman 

          Research. Marriage to someone with Autism Spectrum Disorder
y Rench, Cathryn, Ph.D., Capella University

          Intimacy and Romance in NT ASD Relations

          Asperger’s Syndrome in the Bedroom

          The Impossible Conversation with an Adult with Asperger’s / Hfa

          Research in AS-NT relations, Bond UniversityAsperger / Hfa in family
           life and marriage

          High conflict divorce and Asperger’s syndrome

          Research, Conflict resolution summary march 2014

          Myths about Asperger’s syndrome

          Mass Shooting and developmental disorders. The Sandy Hook Tragedy.         

         Myths & Facts about ASD/Asperger’s and intelligence

      Research into the well-being of partners of individuals with Asperger’s syndrome
       Executive summary, by Dr Lisa Abel and Dr Vicki Bitsika

      Court Decision: Asperger’s father loses almost all access to his children

      Daniel Goleman’s five components of Emotional intelligence